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Autoclave Processor

Autoclave Processor is a kind of large-scale steam machine which is the key equipment in the Industrial Plant and autoclaved brick. It can be used to steam sand lime brick, fly ash brick, slag brick, aerated concrete block, cement pile and other cement products.

Our Autoclave is a horizontal cylindrical device made of steel. The quality of the Autoclave is good, and its performance is reliable. Autoclave is the pressure vessel and key equipment in the production of aerated concrete and autoclaved brick.

It is applicable for curing the cut body or brick under high temperature and high pressure. The working medium is saturated water vapor. Autoclave is used for curing the cut body under high temperature and high pressure. The body is a principle and cylindrical device made of steel. We are buying & selling of Autoclave in india.

We provide different sizes of Industrial Autoclaves regarding the plant sizes and customer's needs. With dish end, bolted door design, quick release rotating ring, clutch door design, hydraulic operated door design. This improves penetration by steam & lack of O2 will prevent oxidation. Steam is then injected in the Machine along its entire length ensuring an even distribution of temperature. Further, our range is available in customized form as per the client's specifications.

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